The rise of emojis

Emojis have changed the way the world communicates!

According to the Wikipedia page for Emoji’s, the word “emoji” was invented in Japan in the late 1990’s and the translation means “picture” or pictograph.

While it started with just facial expressions, now you have emojis for pizza, poop, umbrellas and even politicians!

While basically nobody searched the keyword “emoji” in google 7 years ago, now the keyword “emoji” gets millions of searches just in the United States every single month!

The western world adopted the emojis in 2010 and now it feels like they have been around forever!

Now you also have emojis on sorts of products, like t-shirts, keyrings, hats and basically everything else you can think of!

The rise of emojis started on mobile phones, with Iphones adding them first, and then Android introducing a similar version as well! However, there is now an emoji keyboard as well!

We won’t be surprised if emoji is added to the dictionary soon!

Now there is even an Emoji movie! Here is the trailer from YouTube:

Now there is also a World Emoji Day! It was created in 2014 and held on July 17th each year! According to the New York Times the choice of July 17 was “based on the way the calendar emoji is shown on iPhones”

Emojipedia used the second annual World Emoji Day to release EmojiVote as “an experiment in Emoji democracy” on July 17, 2015

We love emoji’s, so we’ll be sharing some of our favorite products with emojis in future weeks and months!

If you are looking to “emojify” your life, then check out this website:

They are creating a collections of all sorts of products which have emojis on them, like t-shirts, hoodies, keyrings, keyboards, pillows, phone cases and all sorts of things like that!